11 Gifts for Elderly with Dementia

It is the holiday season. It is hard to find the right gift for your loved one with dementia. What do they enjoy doing?  For those in the early stages of dementia they can still continue their favorite activities. However, for others in later stages, photos, reminder messages, and other calmChristmas packageing activities could be great gifts.

These gifts fall in a variety of price points.


  1. Something to wear that is comfortable. Look for something easy to put on and remove, like: velcro shoes, wrinkle free shirts, robes and large banded socks.
  2. A small diary or notebook. Help your loved one remember certain events through journaling or writing poetry in a small diary or notebook.
  3. A calendar. Keep important dates that have already been noted as well as family photos in a calendar.
  4. Clocks. Look for clocks specialized designed for those with dementia.
  5. Post-it notes or a white board. These can help serve as reminder messages for seniors with dementia.
  6. A CD or MP3 player. Load with their favorite songs.
  7.  Pictures of family and friends in a framed photograph or photo collage
  8. Favorite movies or TV shows.  
  9. Automatic night lights.
  10. Bird feeders complete with bird food. These can provide an easy way to entertain or relax those in more advanced stages of dementia activity.
  11. Lastly, a gift of your time.  Playing games, cooking a meal, cleaning, or a trip to the nail salon with a loved one are all great ways to show that you care for them.
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