Christmas tree

“Tis the Season to be Jolly

This action is much easier to say than to do. Many people get the holiday blues, especially older adults. Seniors are more likely to have just lost a loved one, or have learned about bad health news than their younger counterparts. The holiday season can trigger memories of loved ones who have passed away. Events […]

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Christmas Stockings

Avoiding Caregiver Guilt Through the Holidays

Holidays are a time for family gatherings, fun traditions, and the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, holidays can also be stressful for those caring for someone who has been diagnosed with dementia. Involving and caring for your loved one during the festivities can be overwhelming, and it can often lead to caregiver guilt. Fortunately, there are tips to make […]

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veteran saluting flag

Remembering our Veterans

Americans celebrated the first Veterans Day on November 11, 1919, one year to the day after the end of the conflict they knew as the Great War and we (regrettably) know today as World War I. President Woodrow Wilson issued a message proclaiming the first celebration of “Armistice Day,”  to show “gratitude for victory” in World War I and solemn pride “for those that […]

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When did I sign up to be a caregiver?

Oftentimes, adult children find themselves performing caregiving tasks that might otherwise be offered from a professional provider. The parent is still living at home, relying on one or more adult children as an alternative to hiring an in-home caregiver or moving into assisted living. In other scenarios, the parents might have moved to independent living […]

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Dealing with a Senior’s Cluttered House

It’s important to be safe on the road and at work, but safety at home is an equally critical consideration.  Let’s be honest—many of us live in somewhat cluttered households. The average American home has more than 300,000 items. Some of the more obvious dangers are the risks for personal injury, such as trips and […]

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older adult walking

Walking has so many benefits for older people

Whether you are an older person yourself, or you are thinking about your mom or dad–walking is great! Walking can improve their health and wellbeing in many ways, and it can help them to live independently for longer. Walking can: strengthen ones’ muscles help keep weight steady add to the ‘healthy lifestyle’ that is needed […]

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watch for senior citizens

Evaluating a Senior’s Ability to Age in Place

To determine if an elderly person can continue living at home, take a good look at all aspects of their present housing situation and how each one affects their safety and quality of life. An in-person visit offers the most accurate evaluation.  Medication management. Do they remember to take their medications at prescribed doses and times? […]

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hot weather

Hot Weather Safety for Older Adults

Hot weather can increase everyone’s risk for heat exhaustion and dehydration, but it’s especially dangerous for seniors, who may not be as aware of changes in body temperature. The body’s ability to cool itself diminishes with age, and conditions that can cause heat cramps in a teen may lead to heat exhaustion in a 40-year-old and heat […]

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