Could Mom or Dad use a Home-Care Companion?

If you are concerned about mom and dad being alone most of the day, hiring a home care companion can provide a great solution. In-home caregivers not only provide them with physical assistance, it also offers them help with the emotional and routine aspects of daily life as well.

Consider some of these benefits of hiring help for your aging loved one:

  • Personal companionship

If there is one thing that becomes clear as someone ages, it’s the far-reaching benefits of not being alone. Too many elderly feel isolated especially when they lose their driving privileges. A personal companion/aide/helper can provide social interaction that is as simple as conversation or someone to watch movies with, but in the process, the caregiver also fulfills a real need for the older adult.

  • Safe transportation

At some point, most aging adults lose their driving privileges. This severely limits their ability to do those errands we take for granted– such as buying groceries, going to church or visiting friends. A personal care companion can provide transportation and accompany your loved one to errands, meetings, social events, etc.

  • Sustained independence

By providing ongoing, consistent care, personal caregivers are able to help aging individuals continue living independently, comfortably and socially at home. A little extra support can be all that is needed to extend an older adult’s sense of independence in his or her own home, and this goes a long way toward improving their outlook on life and boosting self-confidence. Most aging individuals are comforted by being in familiar surroundings where they have spent much of their life, and a professional caregiver can help them stay there longer than they would be able to on their own.

·       Accountability

An in-home aide will be able to keep an eye on your parent and notice when they are not eating properly, suddenly losing weight, missing medication doses, forgetting to turn the oven off, etc. Particularly in situations where an older adult has a hard time communicating about capabilities or changes that they are experiencing, this kind of accountability can make a significant difference in protecting them from unintentional self-harm.

·       Your own peace of mind

Whether you are living an hour away or on the other side of the country, it is hard not to worry about your loved one when you cannot be nearby. A home care helper provides the one-on-one personalized care that you are not able to offer, giving you priceless peace of mind. A companion stands in the place of a family member helping your loved one feel taken care of and safe.

If you have had concerns about your loved one’s ability to live independently, then perhaps it is a good idea to look into hiring a helper.  


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