Sunnymere is like a nice cozy home with private space and community areas. 


Sunnymere is built as a ‘U’ with the wings of the ‘U’ stretched out. Our main rooms–the  kitchen, dining room, living room and family room are all at the base of the ‘U’, the residents rooms are the wings.  The Activity Center was added to the east wing in 2004.

Sunnymere was originally built to have 47 private rooms. Over the years, to accommodate couples and those people who wanted more space than one room–22 single rooms were converted into eleven 2-room suites. Many liken Sunnymere to a Sorority or Fraternity House. Everyone has their own ‘space’, but none of the rooms have kitchens. 

Now, Sunnymere has 26 ‘rooms’ and 11 two-room ‘suites’.  Our state of the art elevator was installed early in 2015. 

Individual Rooms

All the rooms are about the same size–approximately 10′ x 14′. Rooms are carpeted and painted. Every has its own sink, and every 2 rooms share a lavatory. Walk-in showers are a few steps down the hall. Residents bring their own furniture.  Most residents furnish their rooms with a twin bed, dresser, comfy chair and a TV.

One person room

Suites are 2 rooms

Suites are 2 connected rooms with a half bath and a refrigerator. One room could be used as a bedroom and the other as a living room.  Suites are great for the individual who wants more space or couples, who particularly enjoy the extra space.



Bedroom in a suite

Suite Living Room