Walking has so many benefits for older people

Whether you are an older person yourself, or you are thinking about your mom or dad–walking is great!

Walking can improve their health and wellbeing in many ways, and it can help them to live independently for longer.

Walking can:

  • strengthen ones’ muscles
  • help keep weight steady
  • add to the ‘healthy lifestyle’ that is needed as you age. 
  • lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancerand diabetes
  • strengthen one’s bones, and prevent osteoporosisand osteoarthritis (regular walking could halve the number of people over 45 who fracture their hip)
  • help reduce blood pressure in some people with hypertension
  • improve one’s balance and coordination, and decrease their likelihood of falling
  • keep your joints flexible
  • increase their confidence and mood, and help them feel better all round 
  • improve your energy levels and increase your stamina
  • reduce anxiety or depression
  • improve one’s social life – walking is a great way to get out and meet people or socialize with your friends.

Being able to walk without help is one of the strongest indicators of whether someone can live independently. Older people who exercise regularly are more likely to walk without assistance and do things for themselves around the house.

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