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Living in a Senior Community Improves Quality of Life

Senior living can be life-changing.  It has been proven that seniors lead better, healthier, happier lives in senior living communities. So although caregivers may worry that moving a loved one to senior living means downgrading their quality of life, the truth is that assisted/supportive living can offer care and hope that even the best home-based […]

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Corona Virus and Sunnymere

If you have  turned on the news or picked up a newspaper lately, you have  seen tons of stories about COVI D-19, the viral disease also known as the “coronavirus.”  Everyone is scared of this pandemic.   And at Sunnymere, we want to reassure you that  the well-being of our residents and staff are our […]

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Choosing Gifts for Seniors

Choosing gifts for an older adult can sometimes be challenging. It may feel like your parent or grandparent has everything they want or need. Finding something meaningful might feel tough. We have birthday, anniversary, and other gift ideas for your older loved ones whether they live in a senior living community or private home. Gift […]

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Which is Better for my Elderly Parent, Independent or Assisted Living?

Children of older adults often wonder how an independent living differs from assisted living. Though they may look similar, they are two distinct types of senior housing.  In either case, seniors would have no  lawn care, snow removal, maintenance, and repairs  utilities property taxes Services Offered in Independent Living Independent living is intended for older […]

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Living with family

Should Your Aging Parent Move In With Your Family?

AS A PARENT struggles  to live independently, their children’s  generous first inclination is to open their  home. “Come live with us, Mom,” or “We’ve got plenty of room, Dad,” is an offer many adult children make. It’s a loving gesture to help keep your parent safe and return at least some of the care that […]

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aging in place

Aging in Place for Your Parents

Aging In Place – What Does Aging In Place Really Mean? Aging in place means a person in their golden years making a conscious decision to stay in their home for as long as they can. They will enjoy  the comforts that are important to them and still able to access the things they require […]

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