Q. Who is eligible to live at Sunnymere?

A.Seniors 65 and over, who would benefit from living in a community environment. We provide a home for both Independent and Assisted Living Residents. 


Q.  What is the difference between Assisted Living and Supportive Living?

  • Independent residents pretty much take care of themselves–but our staff is there for them when needed. (We are happy to do meds reminders at no additional charge). 
  • Assisted Living residents need our help to take care of their daily living–whether it be help to get out of bed, get dressed, take meds, bathe, help to go to the bathroom, etc.


Q. How  does a resident reach the staff if they need assistance?

  • Residents  wear a pendant call button to reach staff at any time (24/7). 


Q. What kind of living arrangements do you offer?

We offer either a private room (with a shared half bath) or a two room suite with a private half bath.  Please note–our residents live in the whole house of Sunnymere.  There are no kitchens in any of the rooms (we do not have apartments).


Does Sunnymere supply the furniture?

No. Each family creates the living space for their loved one.  Most everyone has a bed, dresser, TV and comfy chair. 


Q. What is included with my rent?

A. Your own private room (s), 3 meals/day, housekeeping 5 days/week, fresh towels, change your sheets, we do your laundry once a week and provide activities every day. Staff is on duty 24/7. 


Q Are pets allowed?

A. No, we are ‘Pet-Free’.


Q Are there any entrance fees?

A. There is a $100 fee to submit an application.  There are no entrance fees, but we do ask for a $500 security deposit for each room, and a deposit for the call button to reach staff at any time. 


Q. What are the lease terms?

There are no leases at Sunnymere.  If a person is moving out, we ask that you give us 30 days notice. 


Q. Do you accept Veterans Aid? How do we apply for it?

A.  Yes, we have residents who receive Veterans Aid either because they were a veteran or they are the surviving spouse of a veteran. VA Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits provide monthly payments  for qualified Veterans and survivors depending on their assets and income.  Contact your county VA office to find out if you qualify.


Q. Do you accept Medicaid?

No.  Sunnymere is strictly Private Pay.  


Q. Is Sunnymere part of a large conglomerate? 

A. No. There is only one Sunnymere–we are a non-profit, we have no owner. 


Q. Do you accept residents with dementia?  

A. While we do not have a ‘locked memory-care unit’, as long as the resident is not a ‘wanderer’, they most likely could live at Sunnymere.   Our building is not locked, so we do not have a way of keeping a wanderer from wandering.  


Q. What about Covid-19? 

A. Residents moving into Sunnymere would have to have a Negative Covid test a couple of days before moving in.  Those who are coming from another country would have to self-quarantine for 14 days. 

We currently test all residents and staff once a month. 


Q. What should I look for in a long term care community?

A. Visit several communities.  Decide on what would be your ‘deal-breakers’, such as cost, location, 24/hr staff, pets allowed, kitchen, etc. 

Look around. Ask questions. 

  1. Read the mission (found on the website). Does it align with your values?
  2. Is the organization a ‘for-profit’ or a’ non-profit’? (Note– 82 percent of senior living residences are currently for-profit.) Sunnymere is a non-profit. 
  3. What is your first impression of the environment?
  4. Is the staff friendly?
  5. Is the building clean?  
  6. Find out about the costs and what is included in the monthly rental fee meals, laundry, cleaning, etc.
  7. Is it Private Pay or Medicaid?
  8. What is included in Assisted Living Care?
  9. Are there extra charges, and what is the cost, for other services?  
  10. Are staff available 24-hours a day?
  11. Is there a buy in required and how much is it and how is this handled (invested, yearly dividends applied, etc.) and what part, if any, is refundable when the resident leaves?
  12. What type of activities are offered?
  13. Does it fit the needs of the person(s) who will be living there?
  14. If your elderly relative can mostly care for himself or herself (Independent) , is there availability to remain in place and receive more assisted, personal care as time goes on?
  15. Can you talk to the residents?  
  16. Is visiting allowed at specific times?
  17. See if you can dine there with the residents.