Sunnymere, Inc. is a not-for-profit (501c3) corporation supported by monthly resident fees and investment income.

  • There is no ‘buy-in’ or ‘lease’ at Sunnymere.

  • Rent is paid each month, but we do need 30 days notice if you are moving out. 

  • We are ‘Private Pay’ (we do not accept Medicaid).

  • We provide 3 meals/day, housekeeping, laundry and activities. 

  • Please note–we are a ‘pet-free’ building

  • 24 hour staff (in-house paging system) 


We have two levels of care:


Works for seniors who can benefit from supportive living and can take care of themselves

These are older adults who are:

  • Ready to ‘give up’ the shopping for groceries, cooking, cleaning, laundry, home maintenance.
  • Needing socialization, regular meals and someone ‘keeping an eye’ on them 



For those seniors who are no longer able to safely and easily live independently. 

These are older adults who need our help with daily living tasks–such as  medication monitoring, assistance with dressing, grooming, bathing, getting in and out of bed, coming to the dining room for meals, coming to activities, etc. 



  •  The monthly resident fee includes room, three meals daily, laundry service, housekeeping service, activities, utilities, (towels and twin bed linens), activities (including professional entertainers)
  • FREE Satellite TV hook-up (30+ channels)
  • Wifi 
  • 24/7 CNAs or Nursing Assistants on duty


  • Telephone

  • Medical expenses (including medical visits, hospitalizations, and medications).

  • In-house Medical Alert pendant rental (rental for just a few dollars each month so that each resident can easily reach staff when needed)
  • Beauty Shop/Barber Shop

  • Bi-Monthly podiatric service
  • Transportation.  Residents can take advantage of Ride in Kane service.  



Sunnymere looks like a ‘home’.  It was built like a ‘sorority’ house where everyone has a private room and eats meals together in the dining room.  These rooms are not considered apartments.  There are no kitchens in any of the rooms. 

Years ago, most people lived in a home or apartment with one bathroom.  The family ‘shared’ that bathroom!  It wasn’t until the 60’s, that ‘master bedrooms’ were created with their own private bath. When they designed Sunnymere in the 1930’s, they wanted to save money on plumbing, but didn’t want it to be like a ‘dormitory’ where the bathrooms were all down the hall. They felt that two residents could share a bathroom. Hence, they created a shared half bath for every two rooms.  Every room has their own sink and every two rooms share a toilet.  Showers are a few steps down each hall. 


Sunnymere is there to provide the care your folks need so YOUR time with Mom or Dad, can be, as it should be, relaxed and stress-free. 

Contact us at 630-898-7844 or email: