veterans benefits

Understanding the Aid & Attendance Benefit for Veterans

About A & A Veterans Benefits Only a fraction of eligible veteran Americans over 65, and their spouses, know about the availability of the Aid & Attendance (A&A) pension through the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). With more than one third of Americans that are wartime veterans, many families could be benefitting from available assistance to help […]

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Illustration of a Family Visiting an Elderly Couple to Present a Newborn Baby

Visiting Elderly Parents over the Summer

When families live far away from one another, the summer vacations may be an opportunity that long-distance caregivers and family members have to personally observe older relatives. Age-related decline can happen quickly. Family members who haven’t seen their aging loved one since last year may be shocked at what they see: a formerly healthy father […]

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Helping Seniors Avoid Isolation

Unfortunately, isolation among seniors is alarmingly common, and will continue to increase in prevalence as the population grows. Learn how to help your loved ones stay healthy by reading more on the top ways to help seniors avoid isolation.  “With a prevalence of over 40% and the sheer number of older persons projected to increase […]

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hospice graphic

Understanding Hospice

Some people have the wrong idea about hospice care. They think that hospice is only about dying and that hospice is the place you go when there’s nothing more to be done. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hospice helps people with a life-limiting illness focus on living as fully as possible for as […]

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aging in place

Successfully Aging in Place

As we age, we need to keep ‘purpose’ in our lives.    The definition of “purpose” should be different for every one of us and it shouldn’t be defined by age or ability. “Purpose” is what gets us up in the morning, puts a smile on our face and gives our life meaning. Maybe it once […]

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Hearing loss

Hearing Loss in Older People

About one in four people over the age of 50 have some level of hearing loss, increasing to over 70% of people over 70 The exact reasons for deteriorating hearing are unknown, but is probably related to lifetime exposure to noise and other damaging factors slowly wear down the ears’ delicate mechanics. Genes also play […]

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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning For Mom or Dad

TACKLING SPRING CLEANING AT MOM’S OR DAD’S   What does Spring Cleaning mean? Well, back in the olden days, it meant cleaning every surface of the house to remove the dark, sooty grime that built up from using candles, kerosene lamps and woodstoves throughout the winter. It also meant throwing open all the doors and […]

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When is it time to consider senior living?

  Here’s an assessment checklist that will help you determine if mom or dad should safely continue to live at home.  This assessment take a good look at the present housing situation, financial resources, health status and medical needs.   Medication Are medications expired? Are they spread out in different rooms, with no apparent structure […]

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