Helping Your Parents Make the Move to a Senior Community

For most seniors, moving from a long-time home into a senior living community is difficult. For some, it’s nearly paralyzing. In addition to countless other adjustments, the move to senior living typically comes with a significant reduction in living space, even at high-end assisted living communities. Downsizing can be challenging for anyone, but when it’s […]

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Making Friends in a Senior Community

Moving into a senior living community can be an exciting transition. However, a common fear that some seniors have with this change is becoming socially isolated. While you probably already know the importance of friendship, actually making new friends in your community can sometimes be intimidating. Senior living communities offer plenty of opportunities to get […]

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How to Help Elderly Parents Adjust to Assisted Living

Transitioning your elderly parents or loved one into an assisted living facility is never easy. At Sunnymere, we do everything we can to help our residents feel welcome and at home right from the start. However, between the stresses of packing and preparation and the anxiety of moving into a new environment, it still takes some time to get […]

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Moving My Elderly Parent into My Home

Multigenerational living can be a marvelous bonding experience, a chance for you to know your parent in a new way. It helps your aging parent avoid the sense of isolation and depression that may come with living alone. By this time in life, however, you both have established ways of doing things. Your likes, dislikes, values and […]

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10 Secrets Elderly Parents Keep from Their Families

Your aging parent may be keeping secrets from you. It may not constitute all-out lying, but they might be purposely withholding information that is important to their health, safety or general well-being. Sometimes elderly parents hide things because they feel their independence slipping away or because they are embarrassed to ask for help. In some […]

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Assessing Your Elderly Parent after a Holiday Visit

If you live some distance from your family, you probably have had a holiday visit with your aging loved ones. This visit may have been perhaps, the first opportunity in several months that you have had to personally observe them and their home environment. In the meantime, you’ve probably relied on regular telephone conversations and […]

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“Tis the Season to be Jolly

This action is much easier to say than to do. Many people get the holiday blues, especially older adults. Seniors are more likely to have just lost a loved one, or have learned about bad health news than their younger counterparts. The holiday season can trigger memories of loved ones who have passed away. Events […]

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Avoiding Caregiver Guilt Through the Holidays

Holidays are a time for family gatherings, fun traditions, and the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, holidays can also be stressful for those caring for someone who has been diagnosed with dementia. Involving and caring for your loved one during the festivities can be overwhelming, and it can often lead to caregiver guilt. Fortunately, there are tips to make […]

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