Corona Virus and Sunnymere

If you have  turned on the news or picked up a newspaper lately, you have  seen tons of stories about COVI

D-19, the viral disease also known as the “coronavirus.”  Everyone is scared of this pandemic.  

And at Sunnymere, we want to reassure you that  the well-being of our residents and staff are our primary focus.


Here are some steps we take to prevent the spread of any virus at Sunnymere:


  • We follow guidelines from the CDC, IDPH  and Kane County Health Department
  • Following recommendations from IDPH, as of April 1, all staff at Sunnymere will wear a mask when working.
  • We focus on keeping our common areas as clean and sanitized as possible to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Our kitchens follow NSF-approved dishwashing techniques (our hot water is 185′)
  • All staff members are trained in techniques to prevent the spread of germs specific to their individual roles in serving residents .
  • We ask staff who are sick to stay at home until they are no longer contagious.
  • If a resident shows symptoms, we quarantine them in their rooms.

What else we’re doing

While the vibrant life that our residents have come to know and love at Sunnymere  continues on every day,

  • We have restricted all visitors to only those who are essential to the health and well-being of our residents. Those visitors have to fill out a health questionnaire before entering the building.
  • Residents are asked to only leave the building for doctors’ appointments.
  • We are increasing the frequency of the sanitization of common areas.
  • We have added more hand sanitizers around the building.
  • We have obtained some personal protective equipment supplies, such as masks and gloves if we need to use them.


How you can help

Please reassure your family member. They could wellget anxious worrying about you and themselves.

Talk to your loved one on the phone. Send them cards or notes in the mail, letting them know you are thinking of them. Some families have even set up ways to see their loved ones via technology.

When the weather is better, you might like to ‘visit’ your loved outside their windows or at the glass doors of the activity center.

These sound like simple precautions, but they honestly go a long way in preventing the spread of diseases like this.


What we’re doing for residents and families

At Sunnymere, we focus on giving our residents and families proactive and thorough communication, especially about situations like corona virus. We are committed to updating residents and families with any changes to life in our communities. And if anyone has specific questions, we ask that they reach out to us.

While coronavirus is a worldwide situation and likely to be an ongoing concern for some time, Sunnymere is committed to keeping everyone safe.



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